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You’ve got a lot of moving pieces. You’ve got a lot of opinions from your coach, mentor, or mastermind about the best way to go about doing things, saying they know best. You’re doing things you’ve never done before.

Maybe you’re on the path to…

  • Write your first book
  • Fill your next program at your highest rates yet
  • Go after big corporate contracts
  • Become a highly sought-after speaker in your industry
  • Multiple 6-figures, 7-figure, or 8-figure income

But you’ve had some setbacks. In general, you’re having a hard time listening to your gut and figuring out how best to move forward.

That’s where I come in. I help you stay on track with YOUR vision so you don’t end up creating something you don’t want, making things harder than they need to be, or, worse, getting lost in everything you’re “supposed” to be doing.

My secret sauce? In addition to my strategic mind and focus, I use a highly intuitive approach called the Akashic Records (aka soul records), which is kind of like an etheric computer database that contains information about what you’re here to create in your business and for your life. With this knowledge, I can dial into what you’re here to create and the best way to get it done. It’s kind of like a strengths finder test for your soul.

The best part is the information you get from your soul records is made just for you. No more guessing how you can fit yourself into someone else’s model or a system of how things are done. The information is specific to you and what you are here to contribute to the world. So the action steps you’ll get will be based on your zone of genius along with your unique gifts and talents. While this is an intuitive approach, the information is concrete and actionable.

Here are some examples of what you can learn through your soul records:

Sonaya Circle Headshot (1)I had a session with Alexis to release my money story and be open to the potential of earning more.
As a result of working with Alexis, I had a client pay in full for their 5 figure project and I have a vision for my business that simple needs strategy to be implemented. I liked the way Alexis listened and clearly broke down the money issues so they were looked at in a positive light. I would recommend Alexis to entrepreneurs who are confused about their next steps to grow their business or are afraid to make moves because of their money issues. She provides clarity to move forward in your business.


Before I worked with Alexis in our 1 hour session, I was feeling conflicted, knowing I needed to integrate more of myself into my professional life but felt I was being pulled in different directions. WIthin the hour, I was able to give a voice to, and connect with, my soul’s purpose with clarity and was able to see how honoring this would allow me to bring more depth to the work I am already doing with clients.

My experience in my Akashic Records was both revealing and affirming. I like to think my time acted as a loving guidepost, gently ushering me forward with soul integrity. I can’t recommend exploring your Akashic Records with Alexis enough! She is the embodiment of the feminine and a container for truth.

Laura Burkett

Holistic Nutrition & Eating Psychology Counselor

TracysmileI was spinning my wheels trying to integrate my calling and needed clarity around what to call it. I know my target market with absolute clarity, how I serve, what I offer them, name and price point of my upcoming program as well as domain name. What I love about Alexis is she is direct, to the point, super clairvoyant, speaks my language, and totally understands me. She far exceeded my expectations. She is super compassionate present and direct.


My Akashic record reading was so validating and affirming for me. Alexis has a way of tapping into your soul – literally – and bringing to light the  issues around which I needed clarity and support. From my romantic relationship to my deepest wounds to my business purpose, Alexis brought forward the parts of my past that I always thought were a concern and made it safe to allow me to listen to my soul’s deep knowledge and learn where I need to focus my attention.

Alexis is incredibly calming, wise, and kind – and her follow-up call helped me to integrate what I had learned from the reading which was critical.  I would call on Alexis to do a reading for me again in a heartbeat!”

Lisa Fraley

Legal Coach For Entrepreneurs