Soul Reading FAQS

The Akashic Records: Accessing Your Soul’s Records 

What are the Akashic Records?

“Akasha” is a Sanskrit word which means, “space.” It the “primary substance from which all things come.”  In records to your soul, the Akashic Records are the files of your soul’s essence, an anthology of your soul’s actions throughout the different realms. For example, when your soul has incarnated in the past in the human realm, all your lessons, thoughts, feelings, vows, contracts, and connections were recorded.  

The Akashic Records are not related to any particular religion and do know require you to practice a particular religion. All you need to have a reading is your openness and belief in a higher power (God, Universe, Spirit, Goddess, etc). 

How do you use the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an immense resource for connection to the Divine, the deepest healing you can receive, and provides understanding for the “whys” occurring in your life at this time. Your record holds all the information about your incarnations, sacred vows, soul contracts, and your life purpose… to name a few topics. 

You can discover your soul’s purpose for this lifetime and learn how to manifest your calling in the world. The Records are not just for discovery, but for learning, clearing, and healing. 

You can clear issues occurring on your soul level, which are not serving you at this time. For example, if you have tried to lose weight without successfully maintaining the results, you can explore this cycle through your records for understanding and release the energy and beliefs holding you back. 

You can align with Divine definitions and integrate them into your essence for significant energetic changes, raising your vibration, and success in your life. Are you starting a new business? Wondering if your partner is your Divine Life Partner for this lifetime? Your records are your guidance of Truth and Love for you. I am not saying the truth will not hurt, but it is given to you for your highest good.

How many readings should you have?

The records are available to you whenever you want. It is my highest request that you allow your reading to integrate in your system before your next reading. There is a significant amount of energy channeled through these readings and you might feel wobbly afterward so allowing your energy field to acclimate is important.

What can I expect before, during, and after a reading?

Before your reading, I suggest you get clear on the questions you want most answered at this time. We may not address all of them in session because your Record Keepers suggest a particular path for a healing you need at the time. It does not mean you must do what your Record Keepers suggest, but we may go down a different path. It is important to be open to what is brought to your attention. 

During your reading, you may feel pressure around your 3rd eye, crown chakra, a rush of energy, or nothing at all. It depends on how your body receives information. If you do not feel anything it does not mean we are not in your records. When blockages are identified, sometimes clients feel energy in different parts of their body, which is completely normal. It is important to stay in your body during the readings. We will ground before your reading and during your reading, if you leave your body. 

After the reading, you may feel tired, energized, or have physical reactions, such as a headache or nausea: the most common reactions.  It is my highest coach’s request to you, do not manifest your own healing crisis. This occurs when you feel you need proof something happened or took place in that moment. Please know universe and your soul will oblige you, if you need that type of proof. 

Please know you have received what you needed in the reading. You will know your energy has shifted in other ways, such as your reactions to others, how others react to your, and a shift in how you think about situations occurring in your life. You can feel the difference in your energy field and the changes in your energy during your reading. Use those as your barometers.