Course Correction




Have you invested time, energy, and a serious amount of money into achieving success in your business, but…
-The expert advice from your mentor, latest business course/program, or your mastermind group is not working for you or has not worked for you and you’re frustrated

-You’ve been trying to fill a program you offer, but you’re launch did not go well or you’re not getting the results you wanted even though you followed the formula

-You’ve had something amazing months, financially, in your business, but the money is not flowing in like before and you’re not sure what’s going wrong

-You’ve been working harder and harder to make things happen, except nothing is happening and you’re feeling exhausted, wondering when things will turn around

Do you want to turn it around?

If so, and what I am talking about is resonating, then the Course Correction session is for you.

You get clear, you get connected to what you’re doing and why, and you get centered on what needs to get done and when.

The Course Correction is not a superficial diagnosis of your problem based on how business is done, but an in-depth look at your business at soul level to pinpoint what’s out of sync in your business and how to get back on track to success.

By the end of our first 60-minute session, you will know WHY things haven’t been working for you, what WILL work for you based on your soul’s path to success, and the specific steps you need to take to change course fast.

In your Course Correction, you will receive 1 – 60-minute Akashic Records session, 1 – 30 Minute Follow Up Session and recordings of both sessions.

Once you purchase, you will receive an email with scheduling instructions.

So excited to work with you!