Here’s What People Are Saying About The Work….

My reading with Alexis helped me understand some truths that were buried deep inside of me. She coaxed them out and coached me through them with grace and conviction. A block around my business was also reframed so I no longer saw it as an ‘all-or-nothing’ situation—which eased my stress considerably and helped me move forward! If you are new to the area of personal soul work, I recommend a session with Alexis—she demystifies the process and shines a light on information that can bring greater clarity to many areas of your life! – Wendy Simard

Working with Alexis is beyond powerful and I would list the experience as one of the most memorable and intimate encounters I’ve ever had.   I describe the experience to friends as a fire-side chat with my soul where Alexis journeyed me down the path of a candid conversation that allowed me to both see and feel the connection of my past to my present.  After the reading, I felt connected and empowered to create my future with alignment to my truest essence and better understanding of my life’s purpose.  It’s nothing short of your ‘human’ engaging in an intimate dance of dialogue with your ‘being’ in the most remarkable way that would not have been possible without the guidance and access Alexis is able to beautifully tap into.  What a gift!  Thanks Alexis!! – Bill Wroe

My Akashic record reading was so validating and affirming for me. Alexis has a way of tapping into your soul – literally – and bringing to light the  issues around which I needed clarity and support. From my romantic relationship to my deepest wounds to my business purpose, Alexis brought forward the parts of my past that I always thought were a concern and made it safe to allow me to listen to my soul’s deep knowledge and learn where I need to focus my attention. Alexis is incredibly calming, wise, and kind – and her follow-up call helped me to integrate what I had learned from the reading which was critical.  I would call on Alexis to do a reading for me again in a heartbeat!”

Lisa Fraley, Legal Coach for Holistic Entrepreneurs


Before I worked with Alexis in our 1 hour session, I was feeling conflicted, knowing I needed to integrate more of myself into my professional life but felt I was being pulled in different directions. WIthin the hour, I was able to give a voice to, and connect with, my soul’s purpose with clarity and was able to see how honoring this would allow me to bring more depth to the work I am already doing with clients.

My experience in my Akashic Records was both revealing and affirming. I like to think my time acted as a loving guidepost, gently ushering me forward with soul integrity. I can’t recommend  exploring your Akashic Records with Alexis enough! She is the embodiment of the feminine and a container for truth.

Laura Burkett

Holistic Nutrition & Eating Psychology Counselor, Grand Rapids, MI

“I have previously worked with Alexis in the past. Most recently she did an Akashic reading that has been transformational in my life on both a personal and business level. The profoundness of what the reading has revealed has given me a new sense of direction as well as deeper clarity for how to move more authentically in my life and work.

I will benefit at a higher level if I act on the information that has come to me. I have already felt a rush of creativity and confidence as well, and a new clarity leaves me excited and curious for more. There are several tasks before me, and as I move into each task, I have the certainty that I am fulfilling my deeper purpose. If you have never had an Akashic reading, it can open your mind to greater possibilities.  You receive the support that your guides offer as they communicate to you through Alexis.” Maria Camacho, My Health as Wealth

Alexis knows when you are playing small and not fully reaching your potential or embracing your authentic self, and she calls you out on it in a loving way, of course.

I met Alexis through the Holistic MBA Spotlight program—I was looking for someone who could help me re-connect with and deepen my femininity, someone who could teach me to embrace my sensuality and all of my womanish qualities—and when I met Alexis I just knew she was the one to coach me! Alexis is not only loving and supportive, but she meets you exactly where you are, asks questions to get to the heart of what’s going on, and teaches you how to move forward.

Through my work with Alexis, I have come away with a greater sense of ease not only with my own gifts, but in the divine plan. My sensuality has opened up, I now create and manifest more in my life, and I am know fully in touch with my femininity. The biggest challenge I had through all this was letting go of my old habits and old operating systems. Also, the going deep and addressing painful things rather than running from them has been a bit of a challenge, too.

– Julie Barro Santiago,