For high-achieving entrepreneurs and leaders who want ease, flow, and freedom in their life and business without sacrificing what they know they can achieve

The Hustle Myth: 

Why What Got You Here Won’t Get You To The Next Level Of Success & What To Do Instead

Tuesday March 21, 2017 at 12:30pm EST/PST

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You are ready for your next big challenge.

You’ve worked hard and hustled to create success in your business but now it’s time for more.The only problem is you’ve seemed to have hit a wall and nothing seems to be working.


You’ve struggled to get that “Yes” you need, even though you know it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

Your event is a logistical nightmare that you can’t seem to get through, even though you’re hired the best of the best to help you.

Your launch is not going the way you planned, even though it’s worked every single time in the past.

You’re feeling frustrated – and maybe a little embarrassed – because someone at your level of success should have everything figured out by now, right? Shouldn’t all of this be a no-brainer?


Why is it that……

You’ve been working the plan you created with your mentor and/or your mastermind, except you’re not getting the results you want.

You’ve got great ideas about where you want to go next in your business, except you’re afraid to act upon it because no one else is doing it and you’re not sure it’s gonna work.

You’ve been staying in action and focused on your goals, except what you’ve trying to implement with your launch or your business plan isn’t working.

Trust me when I say that it’s time for something new. An intervention of sorts because you can’t get what you want if you keep going the direction you are currently going in.

You need a course correction…stat!


In this free call, I’ll show you a simple approach for helping successful women get unstuck and moving forward so you can accomplish your next big goals.


Here’s what you’ll learn:

– Why hustling is rarely the answer for high performance conscious/intuitive entrepreneurs and leaders, but urgency might be, and the important difference between the two

– The 2 biggest myths about next level success that’s keeping you frustrated and stuck at your current level in business (when you understand this principle, you can put down hustling for good)

– The #1 mindset shift you need to make your journey to the next level filled with more ease and flow, instead of hustle and hard work

– How to accelerate your path to success by fully utilizing your biggest asset you’ve got (but might not be trusting)

– The 3 best moves you can make for your business that will reduce the mental clutter, refocus your energy, put you on the fast track, and get you bigger results without working harder


Sign up and finally break through, get unstuck and start…..


 Laying the groundwork for your best launch yet 

Clearing the way for your event to be a success

Setting yourself up to experience more ease around making money

Planning to hit those income goals with more flow and less hustle

Tuesday, March 21th 12:30pm EST/9:30am PST

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About Alexis 

Alexis Logan is a Success Guide and Wisdom Teacher for highly intuitive, high-performance entrepreneurs and leaders who want to have a big impact and get wealthy, in all areas of their life, while doing what they love.
Creator of the Wealth Code, Alexis uses soul guidance and intuition to help her clients break through their blocks and mental clutter to find their business alignment + money flow.She believes when your soul and business are aligned your business + life experience the ease, flow, and freedom you seek without sacrificing your wealth or your goals.