I help entrepreneurs and leaders unravel their path to success…the real kind of success that comes from soul and includes happiness and fulfillment.


Here’s why….

I grew up with a father who was educated, successful, and very controlling. My father had zero tolerance for creativity, intuitive knowing, and being different. He would shame, embarrass, or use violence to enforce his beliefs.

As long as I conformed, I was safe. I did all the right things. I graduated from high school, went on to earn my undergraduate degree, and then to earn a masters degree.  I worked hard and did what was expected of me.

But I was a plastic, shell of a person. I never felt comfortable in my body, never felt sure of myself, never felt enough, always felt wrong, and hid behind boyfriends who were doing “big things” because I never believed I could do anything on my own.

I was highly intuitive, but never used it. I felt alone, like I was disconnected from the world. My inner world was full of nasty self-judgment, shame, depression and anxiety. I hid so much of my real self that did not know who I was.

When he died suddenly from a heart attack in 2009, I felt relieved, as though a major burden had been lifted from me. I was free to be me, but scared of what I would find, after spending years being someone else, who hated herself.

The first step in finding my light was to give myself permission to find myself and unravel the bonds of who I thought I needed to be.

Your Soul Is Calling. Are You Listening?


Within two years of my father’s death, my spiritual gifts and talents opened. I mean wide open. I discovered I was deeply intuitive.  I learned to channel messages from guides and the Akashic Records

Through soul work, the practice of connecting with my body, and healing my mindset, I unraveled the years of pain, shame, and the intense disconnect between the woman I showed the world and my true self.

I went from insecure, constantly afraid of doing the wrong thing to fiercely independent, strong-willed, and full of self-trust. Seeing who I was at soul level imparted a deep sense of confidence and purpose within me.

Armed with the desire to help others unravel their “hot messes” to find their soul again, I took the leap into entrepreneurship in 2010.

However, I fell into a similar pattern with my mentors that I had with my father.

I did all the right things. Invested in myself to the tune of $75K over the years and followed all the advice to the letter, but I did not get the same results.  In fact, I made very little money. I was confused. I felt a big calling within me, but nothing I did really worked for my business. The feedback I got was that I wasn’t working hard enough, not showing up, and my lack of results was my fault.

I realized I had unraveled myself from one unbearable way of life, only to give my power away to another.  Again, I was trying to fit myself into a way of being that was not me, by listening to everyone else, instead of myself. The only way out was to break free of what I was taught about running a successful business and trust myself to use the intuitive tools I had to cut my own path to success.

It’s worked really well for me.

Being You Is Your Ticket To Success


I help women entrepreneurs and leaders unravel their inner blocks, demons, and programming that keep them from being who they are in their business and life.

In the process of unraveling you find your strength, your truth, and your direction. You expedite your journey to fulfillment, happiness, and success.

You have your map to success within you right now, at soul level, waiting to be used.

The biggest misconception about working on you at soul level is that it takes a lot of time to create change. I thought the same thing. It doesn’t.

The process I use to help my clients get clear, shed what’s not working for them, and take soul-inspired action in the direction of their dreams, takes less than 60 minutes.

The work is deep, soulful, and feels like you are returning home to you. The results, while different for everyone, position you to be the powerful creator of your life, fully express your soul calling, and create ease + flow.

I work exclusively with high-achieving entrepreneurs and leaders who are ready to get clear,  claim their soul calling, cut out the noise, and create success.

Is that you? Here’s how we can play together

RULES OF PLAY (because clarity is sexy)





Thinking of working together? Here are the qualities of the success-oriented, high-achiever who skyrockets when they work with me:

·      Visionary, who wants to make a big impact and leave a lasting mark on the world, is accustomed to doing what it takes to be your best self and succeed. This includes being vulnerable, like ugly cry, baring soul vulnerable, with what’s really going on so you can resolve inner issues to move forward.

What you should know: My background as a social worker has prepared me for all aspects of the human experience. Therefore, you can’t say anything that will surprise me. I’ve heard it all before. One of my greatest gifts is non-judgment.

·      Established business, which means you know the ropes of business, are making good money, and can implement quickly.

What you should know: There will be time for marinating in the alchemical juices of the soul, but when it’s time to move, it’s time to MOVE.

·      Honor intuition, even if you are an intuition virgin or badass, ready to let the soul lead and get aligned with your calling.  You’re ready to own your intuitive know-how.

What you should know: My modality of choice is Akashic Records. You don’t have to learn it, but you’ll develop your own intuitive knowing and processes because I believe intuitive development is more crucial than ever and you KNOW, even if you haven’t followed it before.

·      Self-mastery and personal responsibility are your jam. You like personal growth, being a better person, doing better in their life and business, and developing skills that help you to know yourself better because you know you are the key to your success.

What you should know: This is a no fly zone for blaming others, abdicating responsibility, not owning your shit, and not doing your best.  Excellence is a key component to success.

If you saw yourself in the description, we’re on our way to being a match in soul-mate client heaven.

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