Your world as you know it right now was created in the past. Past beliefs influenced past choices that influenced past actions that gave you the results you see now. All of this has happened in the past.

You’ve heard the call for greater. Seen a bigger vision of possibilities for your life. It’s time for change. It’s a time of excitement of possibilities and…yet…change feels so hard.

Why? You desire it. You want it. You feel you are ready, but nothing is really happening or happening very slowly, despite your efforting.

Your past has become an anchor to your future.

Old ways do not create new results.

The safety and security of old creations do not create new results.

The beliefs that created the old influenced the choices that created the old influenced the actions that create the old and are incongruent with NEW.

To have a new result, you must create with the new. The past cannot come with you on the road to the new.

The past is done and completed. The new is yet to be realized and moving. They are completely different energies in opposition to each other and cannot reside in the same space.

These anchors show up in how you relate to your body, money, business, relationships (romantic and non-romantic), and spirituality.

What was believed before blocks of the view of the future.

To see the future possibilities clearly, start with the glasses of NEW thought and new energy.

This does not mean past creations are meaningless. Instead the beliefs, choices, and actions that created the past are incongruent to the future.

Remember the foundational energies of your beliefs, choice, and actions beget the same results.

Looking for a different result? Start with the new energy that wants to move through you.

Journal prompt: How is your past blocking your future?

If you chose what your soul knows you, how would your life be different?