What keeps you from being ALL IN with your intuition and your soul’s path to success?

Soul alignment is a choice, a way of being and a way of living through the lens of your soul’s truth. Soul truth is seated in what is right and true for you without judgment. You’re seeing your existence from a plane of higher purpose that doesn’t get caught up in the “human” worries and emotions.

Except You are a soul in a human suit. A three dimensional form full of energy, cells, emotions, and ego. You’re living in a plane of existence where there appears to be preset rules on what you can have and can’t have.

These restrictions are foreign to the limitlessness of your soul. Your soul exists within you, tethered to your body and, yet, without limits. The information your soul feeds you about your purpose, power, and possibilities will be always without the limits of the human world. This is designed to push the boundaries of what you believe you can create in the 3D.

The beauty of the pictures of possibilities your soul shares with you isn’t just inspiration. It’s the possible realities available to you, if you choose. What keeps you from greater choices are your attachments to the rules of engagement in the 3D world.

Disempowered relationships, responsibilities, and requirements are all illusions designed to distract you from the TRUTH, which is you have the power to create and have whatever you want.

Following your soul’s complete truth, not just when it’s convenient, doesn’t mean anyone loses. In fact, it means everyone wins. Your focus on creating greater for yourself begets greater for others. You have full choice in what you beget. Fear based decisions beget more fear. Sacrifice based decisions beget more sacrifice.

To stay focused on creating in alignment, which is your greatness, you must release to rise. Attachment to relationships and beliefs that do not serve your greatness, suppress your soul’s expression, which leads to dissatisfaction and dis-ease within the body and life.

Where have you decided others cannot live without you?

Where have you taken the responsibility for others’ well being?

Where have you surmised others do not have the same power to create as you?

Where have you decided you are not whole without a partner, a child, success, love or other things?

Attachment weighs down your vibration and frequency with unnecessary burdens keeping you from clarity and the flow of alignment.

Journal prompt: What do you know you need to release so you can rise?

If you chose what your soul knows you, how would your life be different?