This is a call for you to find your alignment and simplify your marketing.

Over the weekend the world witnessed a mass gathering of women coming together for many reasons, like women’s reproductive rights, equal pay, equal treatment of people regardless of race or sexual orientation, and so much more.

Every woman who joined had her own reasons for attending.

Whether you agree or disagree with the Women’s March is not the point because there is a bigger question and lesson to learn from what the world witnessed.

Here is the big question:
How can a mass gathering with many different interests come together and be in the same space?

In business, you are taught to drill down in one specific core idea for your marketing. For many of my clients, this is so hard to do especially when their work applies to many different areas of life.

The organizers of the Women’s March were very clear that something needed to change as a result of what they witnessed on the campaign trail, in the media, and the result of the election. So the Women’s March was born.

Now there were general issues they stood for, but people attending came for their own reasons, in addition to the issues outlined by the organizers. There were people who were allies to the women’s march and came to support the movement too.

I am taking these pieces apart because I want you to recognize three key things.

The organizers of the Women’s March took a stand that resonated for a lot of women and allies. The people who self-selected in resonated with a piece of the message or all the message and brought their own flavor to the march. Allies showed up to support the cause as support and connectors, showing their solidarity.

So what does this mean for you and your business alignment?

1. Focus on the clarity of what you stand for and the clearer you are the easier it is for people to join you.

You don’t have to have a cute, rhyming message for your tagline. People simply need to know where you stand and why you stand for it. Focus on the words that align with how you truly express yourself.

2. Your people are coming to you for so many reasons; you will drive yourself crazy trying to find all of them and cover all your bases. Find the general pieces of your message and be a stand for that.

Trust your potential clients are smart already. There is nothing you need to convince them about. Your message will either resonate with them or not.

3. Who are your allies in your business? Who do you know who can connect you to what you need so you can grow? Who are your cheerleaders?

You are not in this alone, and people want to support you + cheer you on to success. Find them.

There was a lot of emotional feelings about this march, especially from the people who did not support or agree with the Women’s March. Yes, some of it, well a lot of it, was nasty.

However, trust me. You want that level of polarization with your message. You want your people to feel very compelled to come your way from the level of resonance, and you want those are not a fit to run for the hills.

Being in a state of alignment is polarizing with your energy. Most of the time, you don’t necessarily feel the negativity associated with alignment because the people you are repelling go quietly.

Make no mistake an act of alignment is a clear signal of who you are, what you want, and what you’re not a match for. It’s instant polarization and being a stand for you.

The Women’s March was a highly visible display of alignment. The focus may have been on the US, but the fact women around the world took action on the resonance of the message shows you the power of alignment.

What would it take for you to be a stand of that magnitude for your message and your business as a leader AND an entrepreneur?

Would you be willing to witness the deep resonance of your beacon of light reverberating around the world?

The Universe is on your side. Your soul has your back.

All you need to choose what is aligned for you and let go of the rest.

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