Today I am talking alignment and what alignment means, what it is, and how it works in your business to create even greater results for you, without you working really hard. This doesn’t mean that you don’t work. What it means that instead of being in a place of struggle, you are in a place of putting forth focused effort that doesn’t drain you, doesn’t exhaust you, and really cultivates this energy of joy and feeling, just juicy about everything that you are doing in your business.

Using alignment is a way to work smarter, so you don’t have to work harder, but you can have an even greater impact and make even more money. When I talk about alignment what do I mean? Alignment, from the dictionary, the exact definition is a agreement among components. In this sense, talking about alignment in business means an agreement among body, soul, and mind to work together. As a highly conscious person, you probably get tons of inspiration, so creative, just divine downloads and divinely timed synchronicity. Yet what I see among my clients is that they don’t use it to the full extent that they could. Instead it’s, “Oh. That type of knowing doesn’t have a place in my business,” or “Oh. Well, I can use it in certain areas of my business, but I don’t trust using it with when it comes to money or the more serious things.” What happens is you are divorcing one of your components from being able to fully help you build your business.

Anywhere where you are denying an aspect of yourself is an area of misalignment. It shows up pretty quickly in business through you feeling tired. Sometimes money stops flowing like it used to. Things don’t feel like they’re progressing as fast as they should be. On a bigger level it looks like failed launches, where you’re taking each step along the way and you know that something feels off, you don’t know what it is, but you keep working harder, hoping that, the feeling will go away and then the big result you wanted at the end of the launch doesn’t pan out.

Being aligned and having body, soul, and mindfully on board to help you build your business is important. One of the biggest pieces to alignment is allowing your higher self, your soul self to inform you about what feels resonant for you to take action on. A lot of entrepreneurs and leaders love their blueprints, love their guides, love to see what everyone else is doing and use what has worked for others. There is a learning and educational aspect, of course, to running your business and knowing what’s possible out there. There’s also the aspect of knowing, feeling deep resonance within you of what’s going to work for you. That is an area of alignment that is crucial to creating ease and releasing hustle. The need to make something happen or to push for something to happen is the first sign for you that you’re not in alignment.

Anywhere you feel like you’re reaching out for something to happen, outside of yourself, that’s a sign of misalignment. That whatever decision you’re about to make or what you want to happen is not aligned for you and that there is a better way, a far simpler way for you to get what you want. Alignment speeds the way for you towards your goals because it simplifies the steps that you need to take by simply just checking in with your higher self and saying, “Is this for me or not for me?” Trusting that even though all the experts around you are saying, “This is for you,” but something inside you and you know it to be your truth says, “You know what, that doesn’t feel resonant for me. That doesn’t feel like it’s aligned for me,” and trusting that little voice.

We are so scared sometimes from doing things differently from others because we don’t want to get it wrong. We don’t want to be different. We don’t want to embarrass ourselves. We don’t want to fail, but there is another aspect to that fear that you’re not acknowledging, which is that in those times you don’t trust yourself to create your reality, your fear of the unknown is so great that you distrust your ability to create your own reality. You’d rather look for the tried and true and the proven, instead of going with what feels resonant for you. By choosing the proven, you’re also choosing tiredness, exhaustion, feeling drained, and working really hard. That’s what you are cultivating within yourself in order to be a part of whatever that is for you, in terms of getting things right, following the blueprint. All of that.

It doesn’t mean that you’ll never use a blueprint to build your business or a guide or anything like that. What this means is that you are going to be choosy. Choosy about what actions you take in your business and they’re going to be calculated, but they’re going to be calculated on what’s really resonating with you.

There are three ways to cultivate more alignment in your business. The three ways to do that are self-awareness, presence, and, as you can guess, resonance. Cultivating alignment starts first with self-awareness. Being aware of who you are currently. Knowing who you are and how you operate and how you like to operate. Those are going to give you access to your values, so you have concrete things and tendance that you work off of that mean everything to you. That’s where you start and cultivating that level of self-awareness.

Once you have that level of self-awareness, you are going to move into being present. A lot of times people are so far in the future with their goals that, if what they’re creating in their current reality right now doesn’t even start to look like their goals, they already feel like they’re failing. Your future and your goals are created and manifested by each step you take in the present moment. The more that you can get present to what’s going on around you, the more you’re going to sink into your self-awareness. The more you’re going to be able to feel what the next part is, is resonant for you.

When you’re in the future, you can’t feel what feels resonant for you. If you’re not sure what resonance is, resonance is a deep, abiding feel. It’s what I like to call; it’s the deep “yes” that’s in your belly that gives you that smile on your face that says, “Mmmm. Oh, yes. This is what we’re going to do.” It feels good, and there’s flow, and you’re like, “Yes.” It’s like the moment when you are eating an amazing meal and you’re so present to it. You have all the flavors, and you’re bodies humming like, “Yes. This is so good.” That is resonance. That’s a great example of resonance for you to hold on to. When you’re looking at, “Hmmm. Does this feel good for me,” does it resonate? Does it reverberate within you? Does it call to you? Does it have this inward energy of compelling you to do it instead of you pushing for something to happen?

What are the outcomes of alignment? One of the biggest things is simplifying that to-do list, that marketing plan, that business plan so that you can get to where you want to go faster. The second thing is that alignment brings more peace, more joy, more satisfaction, and more fulfillment in what you’re doing, so you can be fully present to what you are creating and cultivating and growing your business. Alignment helps you to be even more productive by getting things done faster. Helps you make better decisions, so that your decisions are clear, they feel good, and they take less time to make because you’re going with what feels resonant for you.

Alignment opens up opportunities that you would never have seen because you’re focusing on other things and the narrow ways that success can happen, but when you are aligned you’re completely open to all the ways that things can happen. My favorite part of alignment is the surprise and the shock of the big things, the big accomplishments that come forward because you continually choose what’s is resonant for you and what you feel called to do.

Of course, with alignment there could be and even bigger payday for what you’re creating in your income. The even bigger impact from what people can receive from you because you are so in tune and aware of what you truly want, that people can just feel that from you. People become more of an easy “yes” around you. Potential clients and customers are like, “Yeah. I want that because you are just so connected with yourself.” Everything that flows out from that connection invites people to be a “yes” instead of questioning themselves or wondering if it’s the right fit. When they feel your concreteness, and you’re solidity in yourself, then you become a sure investment.

Alignment has so many other benefits as well, but those are the big ones that are going to make all the difference for your business.

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