I’ve spent the last two years working with high-performance entrepreneurs. From those who are making six figures to those who are in the millions of dollars in revenue in their business. There are five areas that we worked in specifically to help them shift their way of working so that they could get the results that they wanted in their business, without working as hard as they had been and this allowed them to have more time for life and other things that they had an interest in.

The first way to do that is to step into alignment with your soul purpose and the soul of your business. When you get out of alignment with your soul purpose, with your core truth, then things don’t work with ease in business. In fact, things can feel really, really, hard. I feel this a lot with entrepreneurs and leaders who are adopting different blueprints and success guides that just are not aligned with what they truly want to create. Not being aligned can affected their business model, their prices, their services, and also, in how they are delivering those services and how they’re showing up in their business and their frame of mind of how they’re going about doing what they are doing and how they see themselves.

When you can bring your soul purpose to the forefront and also bring in the soul of your business, because your business also has its own intent and purpose, then things start to flow with a lot more ease. This is the area of alignment where your gifts and talents are. I see so many entrepreneurs who adopt a style of business that is not aligned with their innate gifts and talents or following what is easiest for them to do.

A great example is a client I previously had who was doing online business practices when her zone of genius was connecting with people on the phone. As soon as we worked through letting go of the online piece and switched to getting on the phone, making calls, making the connections and doing what brought her joy, she was able to bring in a significant amount of money within two weeks.

To let go of hustle, choosing alignment speeds the way for you because it’s all based on where your magic is and where your flow is. If you can get those pieces aligned with what is true for you, how you want your business, how you want your life, and be bold enough to ask for it, you will see a significant reduction in stress and more joy in your business.

The second way to get out of hustle and get into ease, flow, and freedom is your values. We all have values. We all have things that we value above everything else. When you make business decisions that are not aligned with your values, this leads to resentment and the feeling that things are extremely hard. Also, this sense that you’re building something that you’re not confident you want to keep moving forward with because you are creating it from a place of disempowerment versus being in your power and owning your values.

When you’re clear on what your top five values are and you make decisions according to those values, things around you will get a lot easier, and you’ll have that flow, freedom, and feel in control of what you are creating. There are always other solutions that come up where you’re like, “Man! I didn’t even know that was possible.” You wouldn’t know that there was another option possible because you’re not making decisions based on what you truly value. Own who you are. Own what you want and make decisions that are in alignment with that.

The third way to get out of hustle and get into ease, flow, and freedom is adjusting your perception of time how long things will take to do. Your perception shapes how you see things. If you think it’s going to take a long time for something to happen, it’s going to take a long time for it to happen. What I would encourage you to do is to time how long it takes for you to get things done. During that time, notice whether or not you’re in flow with it, out of flow with it, and are you choosing the fastest possible way to get things done?

A lot of times we tend to over strategize and over think what we’re doing and fail to keep things simple. The more that you can keep what you’re doing very simple and work in your zone of genius, it’s going to shorten your manifestation time. Be thinking about if you are choosing the most direct path to your goal and if it’s the most direct path, does it also have the least amount of steps to get there? Direct path. Least amount of steps. That’s going to get you out of hustle and into more ease, flow, and freedom.

The fourth way to get out of hustle and into more ease, flow, and freedom is looking at your money and analyzing how you are making it. For example, if it’s exhausting for you to have ten people in a program and it’s possible for you sign one person for the same exact program while costing you the same amount in energy, time, and resources, then what do you think is possible? Sometimes when you think of leverage, and you think “I’ve got to bring a group program in” or something like that, the leverage you’re really looking for is owning more of your value. Instead of bringing a larger number of people in to make the same amount of money, what you could do is shift how you are already working, let’s say, one one one with your clients and increase the rate at which you charge. This can be scary because there’s an even greater level of ownership within yourself and within your zone of genius by asking for maybe double or triple of what you already charge. However, it’s easy for you to do that. The only difference is that the amount of effort is shifted. The effort that you put into raising your rates so that you have less clients and maybe also have more time, freedom. If that’s what your goal is then the work is the internal work to own what you already do and build up your level of confidence and courage to ask for it. I’m going to expand this even bigger.

Let’s think about this. Say for the ten people that it takes for you to bring in, say that group of people brings in $100,000 a year in revenue to your business. What’s the difference between that $100,000 brought in by ten people and one person who pays you $100,000 to work with you for a year? Instead of having ten people, you have one person. That level of ease, flow, and freedom in your life would be significantly different.

The fifth way to release hustle and step into ease, flow, and freedom is listening to your intuition and acting on it. You have your own internal guidance system. Your GPS that comes from your soul and your intuitive gifts. You can cut down on a lot of the noise on how you should be building your business; the other options out there are to build your business, partnerships, other ways of working with customers and clients and somethings like that. Everything you would need guidance on you have internally.

When you listen to your intuition, your intuition is going to show you the fastest path to peace and prosperity always. You may not like what you hear. You may not think it’s possible. You may not feel at the time that you’re getting it because you had other intentions, you had something else that you wanted to happen. Internally though, it’s like go for it and the more you lean on that knowing and take action on it, the more you’re going to develop trust in yourself to make the best decisions for your business. Doing this will allow you to cut through the BS of the things that you “need to be doing” in your business versus what’s actually going to be the easiest path for you to get to peace and prosperity.

Let’s just put it out there: You’re intuitive. You have a soul and the universe, all this esoteric, energetic support. It’s time for you to lean on that so that you can have ease, flow, and freedom in your life. If you feel like you haven’t been able to trust your intuition because you trusted it before and things didn’t turn out the way that you thought they would, I want you to look at how you were thinking about how things can happen and should happen in your life. When you have a very narrow perspective of what’s possible for you and the avenues of possibilities they can come from, you are negating a huge amount of opportunity that could come to you.

Be in a state of experimentation. Challenge the universe to show you exactly what else is possible and how full of ease, flow, and freedom, and joy it could be for you. To continue creating less hustle and creating more ease, flow, and freedom, sign up for the business alignment checklist. The checklist is short, and it’s going to take you through different areas of your business and ask really poignant questions about what is true for you and see if what is true for you is aligned with what is actually happening in your business. If it’s not, those spaces are the opportunity for you to change how you are operating and bring everything into alignment so that you can reach your goals with more ease, more flow, more freedom, more joy, more fun, more experimentation, more expansion, more magic, and more delight.

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