Everyone has a soul record, and what that means is that there is a record of you throughout all dimensions, planes, and times, a recording of your purpose, life lessons, things that need to be clear for you to succeed. It’s like a database all about you that you can tap into that contains crucial knowledge that you can utilize out in the real world to grow your business. Within your soul record, there are two resources that you can utilize when you tap into them. That is your soul’s business plan and your soul’s wealth blueprint. Within your soul’s business plan also resides the energy, or the soul, of your business as well.

If this sounds a little too woo for you, I want you the take a moment to remember the last time you made a decision with your gut that turned out to be even more amazing than you could have ever hoped for or imagined at the time. Think about that for a moment. When was the last time you made a decision based on your gut or intuition where the outcome turned out to be just amazing, even more than you could have ever hoped for or imagined? I want you to remember how that felt. Maybe there was some fear at the beginning, and you didn’t know if you could trust. Maybe it felt like you were taking a leap of faith. At that moment, you were open, you were tapped in, and you were receiving information from your higher self, from your soul. Intuition, or that gut decision, is just a language. It’s a language through which your higher self-communicates through you. If you’ve already been in the habit of making “gut decisions”, and maybe using the word intuition’s a little too much for you, this still means that you are tapped in, fully tapped in, at that moment, and you have access to even more knowledge that it could be fully utilized in your business for massive growth.

There are three ways that your soul records can help you to grow your business.

The first way, where I start with every client, is getting tuned into your purpose. If you’re watching this video, I’m gonna assume that you build your business because you feel called, because you feel purpose-driven because you want to make a difference, you want to change lives, you wanna have a lasting impact and legacy. Purpose is the first step to massively growing your business because it provides direction, and the clearer you are on your purpose, the more clarity you have, the more you see how it fits into everything you do in your business, the easier it is to grow your business. There’s less confusion, or at best, no confusion. You have even more focus. You got that sensation of being in love with how you run your business, things you’re writing into your business. You’re just so excited you can’t wait to share it with everyone that you meet.

Knowing your purpose of being fully tapped in and getting clear on how your purpose shows up for you, and unpacking even more of your purpose can be done at the soul level. You can go into your soul records, and you can hear everything that you may have known, or to think could be true, something you’ve wanted to tap into but couldn’t seem to connect with. That gets you very much connected back in. Going to soul level to find that is the first way that you can massively grow your business. That massive clarity injection that you get just speeds the way for you, gives you direction and focus where you can cut out the noise and really cultivate the business you feel called to build, connect with people, build community, and really achieve your business goals.

The second way that looking at your soul records helps you to massively grow your business is that you can look at your soul’s business plan and your wealth blueprint. Your soul has a plan for your business. One of the spiritual laws that I think gets ignored so much is that when you have an idea for something, there’s also the way to fulfill it. You wouldn’t just be given what you’ve been given without a roadmap to fulfill it. The universe is not that cruel. You can go at soul level and look at the best way for you to build your business that is going to shorten your learning curve very quickly.

It’s going to show you exactly what you need to do in your business, who you need to get help from so you’re not just going from mentor to mentor to mentor hoping this one sticks, and it’s going to help you do things like price your programs and services appropriately so that you are being paid so well for what you do. It’s going to help you clarify what you’re offering in your business so that you can serve at your most potent level; it’s going to have the greatest impact and bring you the most joy. You’ll find out what you need to delegate or to bring a team on to do so that you can really stay in your zone of genius, and then have someone else build out the other aspects of your business that need to be built. Business is a collaborative effort, and it’s not just your human team that gets to help, it’s also your soul and soul guides that get to help as well.

You have a soul wealth blueprint that will tell you the best way for you to build and acquire wealth. Is it through one on one? Is it having group programs? Is it writing a book? Is it launching a course? Is it doing live events? What size live events? How do you go about building your community? What type of connections are you looking to create? All those aspects, and even more like, should you invest in real estate? Should you invest in the stock market? All of that information is contained in your soul’s wealth blueprint. One thing I love about the soul’s wealth blueprint is that it tells you how you best make your money. Which one of your gifts or talents is gonna be the most magnetic for wealth? You can bring all of your gifts forward onto your business.

You’ll enjoy the process of building your business, enjoy the sales calls, enjoy making the offers, enjoy inviting someone to work with you. You could also work on your money blocks and work through your money fears as well. Clearing blocks at soul level will help you to create change in your life a lot faster. What most people don’t realize is that when they are trying to create change, that they’ve got a lot of energetic programming already locked in from childhood, from previous negative experiences, sometimes from past lives. All of that can be cleared at soul level so that you have the energetic space to create new habits that are going to help you to move forward, not only in your business but in your life.

The third way utilizing your soul records helps you massively grow your business is alignment, resonance, and the knowing of what is for you and what is not for you so you can feel confident, you can feel energized, and you can feel motivated to get out there and share what you do with the world unaltered, unfiltered, unadulterated in its purest essence. That is the way you are meant to be in this world. You’re meant to be you, and every time you hear your soul’s truth, it is a recalibration within you to what is true for you so you can let go of everything else. The hurt, the shame, the pain, the fear, the doubt, the confusion, you can let go of all of that and find yourself home again, from within. When you have that solid foundation of alignment, you are powerful beyond measure. You can zip through your workload with even more zest and be even more effective because you already know. That level of self-awareness and knowing is vital for the change you want to be and to achieve in this world.

If you would like to connect with your soul records, to connect with your soul’s wealth blueprint, your soul’s business plan, and the soul of your business to bring everything to the forefront, to cut out the noise so that you can focus and get clear on what it is you need to do to take your business to the next level. I invite you to sign up for a clarity call to learn more about your soul records and how they can help you in your business.