This is my 2016 in review.

I started 2016 on a low having left my mentor of 18 months feeling completely burnt out. I needed a change. I needed to find myself again. I needed a way of doing business that lit me up, instead of feeling like I would never measure up.

I feel like my 5-year journey in business, in a way, was more like a quest of where I fit into the marketplace. I kept wanting some “expert” to tell me, “Hey, Alexis, your gifts and talents would be best in X industry, doing X,Y,Z.”

While the business journey has been a great ride, I would count 2016 as the defining moment, where I was forced to lay down my quest and be shown where I was to serve.

I started my business, as you know it, in 2012. Scared shitless as an Akashic Records Consultant, trying to explain how channeling the truth of your soul could heal you and create results in ways you’d never imagine.

I started out with body image, moved into business coaching, and finally settled into mindset.

If I were to be brutally honest with myself, I would admit I knew where I was to serve and how, but I never believed it fully until now.

See in 2012 I heard a voice tell me, in a moment of complete surrender, my clients were leaders who needed help being their true, soulful self in the world so they could lead with their calling…unfiltered, unaltered, and unencumbered by their “human” limitation.

At the time, I was pregnant, consumed by shame at my circumstances, and unable to give an ounce of faith that path was for me. So I chose a different path of hiding, fear, and intense self-doubt.

In that level of lack, I struggled in business. I struggled at home. I struggled as a mother.

I admit fully I was not using the immense gift of the Akashic Records to help me overcome or heal. I “forgot” everything I learned from various trainings and a powerful Shamanic journey that could help me to show up for myself.

At the end of 2015, burnt out and exhausted, I made a promise to myself that 2016 would be different and I would align with my calling because I never wanted to feel the pain of what I went through in business that year.

I didn’t know how I was going to do what I was called to do. Honestly, it didn’t matter. I just needed an ounce of faith so I gave it.

This is how my 2016 went.

A colleague gifted me her course about creating a business from the inside out. When I look back at it now, I realized I needed to get my faith and trust back to be the creator of my life. It was an amazing gift I will never forget.

I signed up to work with an amazing astrologer and Shaman – Michele Grace Lessirard, who helped me find myself again in more ways that she knows.

Another colleague resurrected an agreement we had that I would provide Wealth Code readings to her clients. I made the commitment to work with my own Wealth Code to be in integrity with what I was teaching my clients.

An amazing ideal client came back to work with me. I had not worked with her since 2012.

I made peace with how I like to do business and business picked up like crazy at the end of 3rd quarter, so much so, the fourth quarter has been so fun that I hired a VA.

I cleaned up my environment in my house and shifted the energetic ecology in my home. Home is starting to feel really delicious.

For the first time, I hired a business coach from a place of alignment instead of what that person had achieved. Hands down, I’ve gotten the best business results from her than any other coach I’ve had.

My income matched the income I was making working full time for the first time in my business.

This year of finding myself and finding my own right alignment has yielded the results I have been looking for in business in many ways – greater freedom, reduction in mental clutter, more focus, and leading from a place of love + soul.

I could throw out numbers and tell you that I 10xed something, but that isn’t what matters to me.

Now more than ever I define my life by how much I am enjoying the journey. The value I put on the freedom in my time, energy, and choices has increased my income more than having a “money” goal ever could.

In 2016, I let go of the haunting voices of the ghosts of coaches past who said, “If you’re not a millionaire by your 5th year in business you aren’t doing it right,” and my favorite, “I don’t think you want it bad enough.”

In the past I allowed myself to be diminished and reduced to shame by those sentiments. Now, I make my own rules according to how I want to live, feel, and breathe.

I look forward to 2017, not with a sigh of relief of starting over, but an excitement of building upon the foundation I established in 2016.

This is the gift of the grit and gumption to own your power to define and choose your own path.

Plus, it’s never too late to start and relentlessly pursue your right alignment in your business and your life.

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