News flash: not everyone is motivated by money. If you’re here, I’m pretty sure you already knew that. The big question is, how do you go about making money when money doesn’t feel that important to you? That’s what I’m sharing with you today.

You love to see your clients change and watching the process they go through. You love being able to support them through that. And sometimes, when the work itself is so rewarding, there may be a point of disconnect for you around asking for money. A disconnect around charging what you really should be charging for your services. Maybe it feels out of integrity or inauthentic. At the same time, you’ve got bills to pay, and you know it’s time to get on board with charging what your services are worth.

Here’s the thing. Don’t keep pushing yourself to “get on board” with charging higher prices. Going about it that way actually makes it harder to make money.

What you need to do is discover the connection between money and what it provides that you truly value. That’s what makes the money flow. Why? In clarifying the connection between money and what you value most highly in your life, you’ll start to organically shift how highly you value money. It still may not be the primary motivator for why you do what you do, and that’s okay. The goal is to improve your relationship with money, making the concept of money more inviting and exciting.

What do I mean about that? Your relationship to money?

Think about how you currently relate to money. You think about it because you need to pay your bills. Because you need to support yourself financially so that you can do your best work in the world. Or maybe because you have debt. And yet, you’re hesitant to charge what you’re worth. Now, think about the energy taken up by worrying where your next paycheck is coming from or where you’ll find your next client. The energy consumed by worrying about your debt. All that energy is costing you. It’s actually taking away from energy you can put toward doing the work you love. Your current relationship with money isn’t serving you.

I want you to give yourself permission in this moment to clean up your relationship with money. To start right now.

First, identify what you value most. Is it time? Is it space in your schedule to do as you please? Is it watching people transform before your eyes? Is it getting to do the work that you love to do? Is it connecting with the different people that you serve and the joy those relationships bring? What do you value most highly?

For me, the things I value most highly (other than serving my clients, of course!) are freedom and choice. It’s the time and space I have in my day-to-day life. It’s the freedom around how I spend my money, whether it’s Macy’s or Nieman’s, flying coach or first class. I love having choices. In the past, I felt constrained because I wasn’t making enough money. I had limited choices, and it irritated me like no other.

Before I made the connection between my freedom to choose and my income, it felt really uncomfortable to own my pricing. I didn’t realize that the less resources I had and the less income I made, the less choices I had and the more constrained I felt. When I started to realize, “Oh, by pricing appropriately for my services and the value I provide, I’m increasing my capacity to choose what I want, to feel more spacious, and to serve my clients more effectively.” When I started to make moves in my business from that place, from the place of knowing that more money gives me more choice and freedom, that’s when and where I started shifting my relationship to money. The value of money’s presence in my life started to grow, and so did my income.

How do you apply this in your life? You need to connect what you value most highly and begin to discover how it’s tied to money. It’s all connected, even if you can’t see the connection at first, so don’t be afraid to do some exploring.

Also, don’t fall into the trap of thinking you have to choose between the things you value and money. It isn’t an “either/or” situation. It’s a “yes, and…” situation.

After you discover the connection around what money can provide for you in terms of what you most highly value, the next step is to really immerse yourself in the experience of having more of that thing you value. For instance, when I’m getting ready to offer a new product and I’m considering pricing, I start to go, “Oh my gosh, it’s $10,000, or it’s $500.” Whatever it is. That’s not the relationship I want to have with money. A bit hesitant. A bit unsure.

When I find myself in that place, I immediately shift into immersing myself in the experience that I’ll create in my life by receiving that money. I go into what it feels like, visualizing and giving myself full permission to go into fantasy mode. Once the value feels palpable—so palpable that it’s like you’re actually living in that moment, rather than dreaming about it—that’s the space you connect from to set your pricing. “And that’s $500. And that’s $1000.” Whatever it is. You start to build the feeling connection between the two things…the value and the money. You focus on that connection and that feeling of value as your primary motivator. As you practice more and more, immersing yourself in the connection between money and the feeling you most highly value, you’ll start increasing how highly you value money itself. And that makes making money a lot easier.

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