As a mission-driven, transformational leader or entrepreneur, it is imperative that you have a healthy relationship with money. It’s really hard to serve fully when you’re worried about paying your bills or stressing about where the next client is going to come from. When you’re banking on one launch to totally transform your financial reality. When you are in that space–that space of fear, of doubt, of oh my god I don’t know what’s going to happen—you are really not able to serve at your peak potential. That’s why today, I’m sharing how to break through your money blocks.

The first step? Don’t focus on the money. Money is the effect. It’s the end result of something. Money is what happens after you make an offer. After you make a sales pitch. After you do your marketing process and whatever sequences or funnels or whatever you’re running. Money is the end result of those efforts. That’s why concentrating on money doesn’t work. If you truly want to break through your money blocks, you need to work at the beginning of the money equation, which is your wealth consciousness.

Wealth consciousness, simply put, is your state of attunement to abundance. In other words, as you go throughout your day, are you more aligned with abundance or with scarcity? If you are beginning your day with fear and a feeling of not knowing how you’re going to get what you need (whether it’s around money or something else in your life), you’re leading from a place of scarcity. People who have a high wealth consciousness always know (and by knowing, I mean they truly believe with absolute certainty) that the world is for them. That receiving money is easy, and that everything that they truly desire is possible and in fact, it’s already on the way. This is their normal state of existence, and this consciousness, this vibration, is operating from the moment they wake up each day.

If you’ve got money stuff going on, most likely you’ve got some major wealth consciousness issues. Yes, there is some business strategy involved, but strategy is really just about 20% of the equation when it comes to making money. The rest is all about who you’re being in every moment of your day. What are you choosing? Is it in alignment with you really are? What do you believe is possible for you? This all goes back to wealth consciousness.

Wealth consciousness is made up of two main components: your energetic vibration and your money mindset. Now, when most people start to work on their money stuff, they go immediately to mindset, which is how you actually think and feel about money. What your programming is around money based on what you’ve experienced in your life so far and what your brain has made those experiences mean.

We say, “I’ve got to think about this differently. I’ve got to change my story. I’ve got to change my relationship with money.” Yes, that’s important, though it’s not the best place to start, because it’s harder to make big changes if you ignore the elements of energetic frequency or vibration.

You’re probably a big fan of law of attraction if you’re watching reading this. You know and understand that where you are operating energetically determines what you attract. One of the biggest mistakes and misconceptions around wealth consciousness is that if you simply do some mindset work– reframes and affirmations–you’re going to start to feel a little bit differently and begin attracting different things. The deeper truth is that you have to fully embody that higher frequency around your wealth consciousness in order for it to be your new normal.

You require to embody that higher frequency in every area of your life: how you wake up in the morning, how you approach your business, how you approach self-care, what energy you bring to your coaching sessions and your marketing, your sales pitches, all of that. And mindset work doesn’t usually create that kind of huge shift on its own. Why? If you’re trying to tell yourself the universe is abundant and talk yourself into being a certain way but you’re not embodying that frequency, the universe sees right through that. You may be speaking to yourself in one way, saying, “I’ve been working on this. I’ve been telling myself this. I’ve been using my mantras. I’ve been using my affirmations.” If you’re still receiving things that are contrary to what you’ve been practicing, it means you have an energetic/vibrational problem.

Yes, changing your wealth consciousness with mindset work takes time, and yet, in making your mindset work a daily practice, you have a higher chance of creating change. The biggest misconception of all is that change has to take a LONG time. If you have a daily practice to work on your mindset, to work on your story, and to shift your energy around your old stories, you will create change faster.

Your energetic vibration and your money mindset both fuel your behavior. If you’ve got energetic things going on and money mindset disconnections interfering with you receiving what you truly want, that’s fueling your day-to-day behavior on a subconscious level. How does it show up? Well, you might not be making the most effective and clearest decisions about how you’re running your business, especially when those decisions need to happen in the moment, because you’re not vibrating at a vibration that’s high enough for inspiration that’s in alignment with what you truly to come in.

As you create a daily practice to shift your energy and your mindset, you’ll be more able to say, “Hey, take a step back. Actually do this instead of that,” taking actions that align with the beliefs you’re working to integrate.

When we move from one mindset into another…out of scarcity into abundance, we also shift our emotional response. When we’re elevated out of the fear, doubt, anger and shame that come from scarcity, we receive new levels of inspiration that weren’t available to us before. This makes all the difference when it comes to making more money, creating consistent income and really setting yourself up to be an amazing transformational leader and entrepreneur in the world.

To recap, if you want to break through your money blocks, stop focusing on the money! Start focusing on what really matters in terms of making a difference in your income: your wealth consciousness, your energetic vibration and your money mindset. To help you with this I’ve created a special gift for you called the “Change Your Money Mindset in 10 Minutes a Day Checklist.” It’s a step-by-step process that you can use to change your relationship with money, breakthrough old stories, embody the new ways in which you want to experience money in the world, and be generously compensated for the work that you do. In other words, it will support you in truly creating the real success that you’re seeking.

Below this video there’s a link and you can download the “Change Your Money Mindset in 10 Minutes a Day Checklist.” Do this for the next 7 days and see what happens.

I am so excited for you. You have amazing work to do in the world, and it’s time for you to begin receiving more abundantly so that you can do your best work.