The Three Mistakes That Keep You From Breaking Through Your Money BlocksWe’ve all heard by now that breaking your patterns and shifting your mindset is a huge part of creating the life you desire. This is true, without a doubt. That said, if you’re trying to create change in your life and feeling frustrated by the lack of results, you might not have the whole story.

Yes, breaking patterns and shifting mindset are key to creating lasting change in our lives, but it isn’t where real change begins.

Read on to discover three common mistakes people make when they’re trying to create big change in their lives.

Mistake #1: Attempting to change your behavior without addressing your deeper beliefs. Let’s say you’ve identified a behavior in your life you’re ready to change, like overspending, and you’ve come up with an excellent tactic to change your behavior, let’s say, creating a budget. You do well for a while, but eventually, it all falls apart. You find yourself overspending again and don’t know exactly when or why it happened.

This is because your behavior is only a symptom of your deeper beliefs. When you focus on managing the symptom (your overspending), you don’t actually address the root of the problem. Just like in medicine, if you manage the symptoms without addressing the cause, it’s hard to come back to a place of health and wholeness. [Alexis, not sure if “health and wholeness” will resonate or not. Let me know.]

But, if you get to the root and focus your healing energy there, as opposed to expending your energy managing the symptoms, it becomes that much easier to shift your behavior and create new patterns that are anchored in your new, more aligned beliefs. This is crucial for lasting change.

Mistake #2: Focusing solely on changing your mindset with mantras, affirmations, and reframes. These tools can be immensely helpful in creating change, but alone, they don’t quite do the trick. That’s because of how programming happens in our brains.

When we’re trying to shift deeply engrained patterns, behaviors and beliefs, what we’re really doing is reprogramming the subconscious mind. This operating system has been running for most of our lives, and it’s backed up by a lifetime worth of our sensory experiences and the decisions we’ve made based on those experiences.

For instance, imagine that as a little girl, you’re in the park on a beautiful sunny day, and you’re eating a vanilla ice cream cone. You feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, you feel the cool ice cream on your lips and tongue, you hear the birds singing in the trees…you’re in heaven. In that moment, you decide that vanilla is the BEST flavor of ice cream out there. And it sticks. You try other flavors throughout your life, but nothing really ever compares to vanilla. That’s because of all of that emotion and sensory experience tied up in your belief that vanilla is the BEST flavor.

Now, imagine trying to chip away at your belief that vanilla is the best flavor in the world using an affirmation or a mantra. Keep telling yourself, “Chocolate is the best flavor.” Perhaps you almost have yourself convinced. Until one sunny day, you see a little girl in the park with a vanilla ice cream cone, and all those memories of vanilla come flooding back. Despite all your mindset work, you still believe on a core level that vanilla is the world’s best.

Because of our powerful sensory experiences, words alone—in the form of mantras, affirmations and reframes—cannot swiftly and effectively override the programming that runs in our subconscious minds.

Mistake #3: Ignoring your body. Our minds may store all of our beliefs and sensory experiences, but our bodies are a crucial part of taking in and processing those experiences in the moment. It is through our bodies that we feel energy and interact with the world around us.

Think back to a time when you met someone you loved being around but couldn’t quite figure out why. Now, remember a moment when you met someone you immediately felt repelled by, even if you didn’t have a “good” reason. In both cases, it’s because through your incredible body, you felt that person’s energy.

It’s the same with manifestation and the law of attraction. Just as you can feel another’s energy, your own energy affects the experiences that you attract and repel. Regardless of where your conscious mind is operating, the universe can sense the energy coming from your body.

In other words, you can recite your positive beliefs all day, but if you don’t feel good in your body–if those beliefs aren’t operating on a cellular level within you–you won’t attract things that are in alignment with what you want. The good news is that science has actually proven that as you change your beliefs, you can actually change the cells in your body, coming more into alignment with what you’re desiring to create or manifest in your life.

What’s the bottom line? If you’ve been focusing on changing a behavior, using only mindset techniques, or ignoring your body, it’s likely that you’re not seeing the results you desire. You have to shift your beliefs, your emotions, and your energy on the deepest levels to break the patterns that have been engrained in your being. That is where you begin.

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