The 5 Wealth Barriers and How They’re Affecting Your Life

What are we talking about when we say “wealth”? Most people think that wealth is material. It’s the money in your bank account. The house you own. The fancy car. I want you to expand beyond that idea, because “wealth” is not only about the material things. When we get down to what wealth really is, it’s the freedom that you have in your life to choose. Obviously, this is still linked to material abundance, because the more resources you have, the more choices you can make. However, when you expand your understanding beyond the material, you expand your capacity to receive wealth into your life on every level.

Just as true wealth is something much bigger than our financial situation, the barriers to wealth are larger than the obstacles that exist in our physical realties. In other words, if you aren’t bringing in as much income as you’d like, it may take more than an outward shift (such as raising your prices or attracting more clients), in order to attract more wealth into your life. To truly create change, you require to recognize and to address the wealth barriers that are operating in your subconscious.

Here, we’re going to take a look at the five major wealth barriers. Keep in mind that while most people have a primary wealth barrier, it’s also possible to have secondary barriers operating as well.

Lastly, before we dive in, remember that just because one or more of these wealth barriers may be operating in your life, that doesn’t mean you can’t make a shift. Recognizing your patterns is the first step to creating change.

Wealth Barrier #1 – The Guilt Tripper: This barrier as all about the guilt associated with feeling like we don’t deserve the good things in our lives. The underlying energies associated with this wealth barrier are obligation and resentment. There’s a subconscious belief that the more wealth you have, the more obligated you’ll be to provide for others, and the more resentment that will create in your life.

Wealth Barrier #2 – The Validator: People operating with a validator wealth barrier have an intense need for validation from the people around them. Rather than trusting their gut, they find themselves asking a lot of other people for their opinion and changing direction often based on what others say. They’re seeking perfection and let their desire for doing things the “right” way get in the way of moving forward.

Wealth Barrier #3 – The Procrastinator: Procrastinators are adrenaline junkies. They’ve developed a pattern of waiting until the last minute because that energy of urgency pushes them to get things done. In other words, they aren’t comfortable creating in a state of peace. They need the extra push of a deadline. A real challenge faced by people operating with this wealth barrier is that the things they create will often be highly reactionary instead of thoughtfully tied in to a larger plan based on future goals. 

Wealth Barrier #4 – The Control Freak: This wealth barrier can manifest in many different ways. Most commonly, it shows up as micromanaging or refusing to delegate. Control freaks are overly concerned with things being done exactly their way, and this can really prevent expansion in both life and business. Being singularly focused on what we think is the right way to do things blocks us off from receiving other people’s contributions and also from our own inspiration.

Wealth Barrier #5 –  The Skeptic and The Cynic: This wealth barrier is based in an energy of mistrust and betrayal. Unlike the validator and the control freak, this isn’t so much about getting it right. Rather, it’s about making sure that others aren’t taking advantage of you or having proof that something will work before you make an investment of time, energy, or money. For entrepreneurs, this barrier can be particularly harmful, as taking risks in your business is often required to grow. Skeptics and cynics often stall out, because they’ll spend so much time looking for proof that something works, rather than trying out different things to determine what works best.

Now that you’ve identified the wealth barriers operating in your life, remember this: you are not your wealth barrier. The barriers we carry are defense mechanisms. They’re patterns we’ve learned to cope with all the uncomfortable feelings that come up when we move into a place of greater receiving in our lives. More specifically, they’re patterns that keep us safe, by blocking us from receiving more wealth than we think we deserve or can handle.

Now, let’s go a little deeper. We’ve agreed that wealth is about more than your bank account, right? So, if wealth is an energy that you can experience in every area of your life, that means that your wealth barriers are blocking you from receiving in every area of your life. Yikes!

This is something that a lot of people don’t talk about. When we focus on changing a behavior, shifting an energy, or seeing something differently in one area of your life, like looking at wealth barriers in your business, we’re ignoring the fact that our patterns are often compounded and deeply ingrained, playing out in many areas of our life at once. How you do one thing is how you do everything, which is why it can be so challenging to change your patterns.

Not only are these patterns playing out in many areas of our lives, it’s also likely that we’ve attracted to us people who will reinforce our patterns. For instance, if your archetype is the validator and you’re always asking for other people’s feedback, you actually may be surrounded by control freaks. These overly opinionated people always want to give you their thoughts and opinions. Each time they tell you things like, “If you don’t do this this way, then this is going to happen,” it actually reinforces your pattern… and theirs!

Bottom line: this is a much bigger issue than, “I’ve got to address my wealth barrier to grow my business.” This is about you shifting your patterns on a much deeper level so that you can begin receiving more in every area of your life.

To help you dive in, discover where wealth barriers are showing up in your life, and begin to deepen your awareness, I’ve created two gifts for you: The Wealth Barriers Wheel and full descriptions of all the wealth barriers. Both of these will support you in deepening your understanding of how wealth barriers are affecting your life.

Understand your wealth barriers