Five Keys to Creating Real Change and Releasing the Wealth Barriers in Your LifeWe’ve spent some time identifying the wealth barrier patterns that are operating in your life and investigating the common mistakes people make when trying to create change and shift these patterns.

Now, it’s time to take a deeper look at what really works so that you can begin transforming your wealth barriers, making more money faster, and achieving your next level of success with total ease.

Key #1 – Identifying the Root of Your Pattern

Every belief and behavioral pattern in your life has a root. Most of us believe that the root of a pattern is the story behind it. For instance, perhaps you felt rejected by your mother over and over in childhood. As an adult, you’ve identified that when you attract clients who are similar to your mother, you get totally freaked out and self-sabotage. This experience with your mom must be the root of your pattern, right? Wrong! While the story is part of your programming, the root of the pattern is actually the energy or emotion that you’ve taken on as a result of this experience. In other words, it’s the decision you’ve made on the deepest level about what this experience means about who you are as a person.

Let’s stick with the caregiver example to flesh this out. On a subconscious level, when you experienced this rejection, you may have internalized the message, “That means I’m nothing. That means I’m not important. That means I’m not worthy.” Whatever “that means” is the root of your pattern: not feeling worthy, not feeling good enough, not feeling that you deserve something. That’s the root. The energy and feeling you require to clear in order to really create change in your life.

Once you’ve identified the root of your pattern – in this case, feeling unworthy – you start to recognize all the other areas of your life where this feeling of unworthiness is playing out. The truth is, this energetic pattern is operating in multiple areas of your life and constantly being reinforced by how you experience the world.

Key #2 – Clearing the Energy and the Story

Once you’ve identified the root and started to recognize the ways it’s manifesting across the areas of your life experience, it’s time to release and clear. From this perspective, you’re not only opening up to receive more wealth in your business, you’re really doing some deep healing work that’s going to resolve what’s been going on for you, truly, creating change in your life in so many ways.

Science has shown that your beliefs and your thought patterns have the ability to physically change the makeup of your cells. (To learn more about this, I highly recommend picking up a copy of Dr. Bruce Lipton’s The Biology of Belief.) In other words, your body holds onto the energy of very distant memories. The energetic imprint of a memory may be in your stomach, or it may be in your legs, or it may be in your back. It could be anywhere.

Discerning where in your body you’re storing the energy and knowing how to clear that out using a little bit of energy work is important to changing the body’s programming.

Key #3 – Rewriting Your Story

Once you’ve cleared the energetic root of a pattern, it’s time to rewrite your story around money and wealth. The goal is to change that tape that’s been playing on repeat in your head, inserting a message that really aligns you with where you want to go. This is the point where you’re open to changing your patterning through the use of strong mantras and affirmations that deeply resonate with the belief you desire to internalize.

Now that you’ve cleared the space at the root, you’ve created space to take on a new way of thinking, a new way of being, and a new way of feeling that is going to make your body like a magnet for what you want in your life. This is where you begin to create the path toward your next level of income and success.

Key #4 – Staying in a Higher Vibration

Vibration is something you hear a lot about. What does it mean? [INSERT MEANING HERE.]

The reason people fall back into old patterns is that they continue to associate with old energy. In other words, they don’t manage or catch themselves when they are falling backwards into the pattern that has been a default for most of their life. Staying in a higher vibration and knowing how to manage your energy on a daily basis is crucial to making progress.

Key #5 – Leading from Your Knowing and Vision for Your Life

This is the key that really brings everything else together. Even if you aren’t 100% clear on your purpose in this world, I truly believe you know far more than you think. You’ve had inspiration…heard whispers from your soul. You’ve had thoughts about what else is possible for your life. It’s time to trust that knowing. To keep yourself moving forward, to really break the old energetic patterns, you must move from your intuition. The space of your soul’s knowing.

Are you saying, “I don’t know how?” A lot of people think that hearing your intuition and leading from your soul’s knowing is tough. That you have to be highly intuitive to create from that space. The truth is, as long as you’re open to hearing your own truth, exploring how you really feel about something, and tapping into what you know to be true within yourself, you are leading from your soul’s knowing.

What’s more, you’ll find that after you’ve cleared the root of your patterns on an energetic level, you’re hearing your intuition more clearly than ever before. You’re operating in a new, higher vibration, which enables you to more clearly hear, trust, and follow that inner voice.

Each time you trust your knowing, act on it, and implement it in your life, you become more and more grounded in your new higher vibration. And that’s when the magic starts to happen.

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