You say you want more money. 
 Christine Kilech
You say you want to be successful. 
You say want impact and to live your purpose. 
You say you want to go bigger and be bigger. 
Except it’s not happening. 
That means there is a disconnect between your words and your behavior…that what you are doing is not lining up with what you are saying or vice versa. 
Here’s a list of 10 very common misalignments that might be keeping you from what you want. 

1. Not managing your energy on a daily basis. You simply cannot change your circumstances being the same person every day. You need to shift your thoughts and emotions on a daily basis so that you can take a new step into becoming the person who achieves the big goals that you have. 

Be intentional about how you want to feel every day

Meditate each day to connect deeper with yourself and connect to your higher vision. 

Read an inspirational passage or a new book every two weeks. Keep growing!

2. Not working on your money story. If you want more money, you have to shift how you think and feel about money. You can’t make more money with your current money mindset. There are two parts to being successful with money…1. mastering the making of money and 2. mastering being a good steward of money. 

3. Not working on your visibility. If you aren’t seen, then you aren’t heard. It’s time to stay consistent with your marketing and putting yourself out there, so you can create real impact. 

4. Not believe in your purpose and contribution. If you are constantly questioning your value, your worth, or your importance, there is not space for success to come in because you won’t see it. You’ll be too focused on why you aren’t good enough instead of why everyone loves what you what you do. 

5. Not taking responsibility for your success. Taking a lot of courses? Going from one coach to the next? Responsibility for your success starts with asking yourself what works for you, instead of trying to find something or someone outside of you to fix “your” problem. 

6. Not taking care of your health. Until you have a firm foundation for your business with systems so that things can run a few days without you around, your health needs to be your top business priority. Taking care of your body and mind while building a business is paramount of sustainability and ultimately, success. 

7. Not choosing simplicity. Overcomplicating your business, getting distracted by things that don’t really have an impact, and thinking you have to do a lot for little make business really hard. Look at your business and learn what you need to do to generate revenue. Make those processes simple. 

8. Not focusing on your business. The compare and despair game is deadly, especially when those you are comparing yourself to are light years ahead of you. Focus on your path to walk to success. Most of the time, it happens faster than you think. 

9. Not following your inner voice. When the soul and business are not on the same page, there is an energetic divide much like the mind and the heart. There is a disconnect of purpose. Align, Align Align! Let that be your mantra and the lens by which you make decisions so you stay connected with your higher vision. 

10. Not keeping your own counsel. Feedback in the marketplace is awesome. Colleague or client input is important. But if you are constantly checking with everyone before you make a move you aren’t going to get anywhere. This is where trusting yourself becomes paramount. No one is in your business like you are. You are the CEO. Trust yourself to make decisions, take risks, and experiment. 

Of course, there are other ways you can be out of alignment in your business, but these are the ones that if you don’t master from the beginning come back to haunt you when you start making higher levels of income. 

Change your money mindset in 10 minutes a day