Soul in business isn’t fluff… it’s the essence of why you do what you do.

Soul helps you be the contribution, play at a higher level of possibility, and makes things you never thought possible come true.A woman thank God

As much as soul is the magical essence of our drive to be more, constantly giving us ideas to create and ways to innovate, soul is also grounded.

Too many people confuse soul with airy fairy, wishy washy behavior. That’s simply not true.

Soul is deep, heady, and full of truth + love.

Soul helps you be your best in business as connected leader of your movement, leading with trust and abundance instead of fear and scarcity.

Soul isn’t about throwing everything away, denouncing money or luxury, and being celibate.

The soul is about growth and fully experiencing life different situations and opportunities. ALL of it.

The Soul is a rebel, explorer, and provocateur upleveling your consciousness, stretching you beyond your limits of human possibility.

in business, the soul’s currency is resonance. The more resonance you have the more prosperity you receive. Alignment is the method of choice to create more.

When alignment happens you feel full, satisfied, and excited about your work.

You no longer wake up dreading the day. Your focus is joy, as much joy as possible.

And, when the shit hits the fan, stress spikes, or things simply don’t go your way, instead of working harder to make things happen, you choose to create space, seeking the resonance to inform your next step.

Business isn’t always pretty. In fact, sometimes it feels like you aren’t going to succeed. But, at the end of the day, the soul keeps you connected to your why, invigorates the motivation pursue your dreams, and keeps you going every day.

Soul isn’t woo-woo.

It is you.

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