Before you read this… know I am ecstatically grateful for everything tBeautiful surprised woman in the pop art comics style. Vector EPS10 illustration.hat has happened.

In December 2014, I was riding high. It was my most successful month ever in my business. I felt things were


shifting…finally. I turned the corner and somehow 2015 was going to be a break out year for me.

As I wrote my goals for 2015, I chose the word “expansion” as my theme. Expansion, to me, was mega-visibility, more money, and impact. That’s what I really wanted.

However, expansion took on a whole different meaning for me in 2015. Mostly expanding beyond fear, failure, the status quo in business, who I thought I wanted to be, and what I really wanted.

In January and February, I started to my notice my energy was draining, my marketing efforts were not working like I thought, and I felt really contracted.

Something was really off. I felt out of alignment and I was not sure why. So after 2 months of feeling really uncomfortable and drained, I made a declaration that I wanted to move into complete alignment with my purpose in business.

And in March, my business fell apart. No money, no prospects, nothing.

LESSON 1: The Universe listens to everything you say. Be prepared to receive the answer you get because the packaging may not look like you thought.

I went from complete confidence and clarity of direction to tears and fears. “WTF, I wanted alignment. I didn’t think I would lose everything.” I panicked. I had bills to pay. Most of all, I was so ashamed. I was surrounded by successful colleagues in my mastermind.

I suffered in silence for a week until I couldn’t suffer anymore. I reached out to my sister for advice. She gave me a smack down of epic proportions. “Alexis, why don’t you go into your soul records and see what’s up.”

*If you’re new to me, I started by business a few years ago reading Akashic Records, soul records, and doing healing work for clients around body image. The one to one sessions were unsustainable so I changed my business model to incorporate coaching, which worked well until this year.


LESSON 2: Remember you have the answers at your fingertips, just tune in.

I had avoided my Records for a while, but I couldn’t anymore. I connected and cried. “WTF, what have I done wrong?” The message I received, “Out of alignment with purpose and business. And it’s time to go deeper.”

So I said, “Show me.” (BTW, I’m primarily clairvoyant, followed by clairaudient, and claircognizance and clairsentience are a pretty even third.)

The vision I received was me dressed in white on a beach in front of 30 women who sitting with high priestess beads (something I created). I heard a voice say, “It’s time to integrate all you’ve taught over the years back into your business starting with alignment and money.”

LESSON 3: The Universe holds a higher vision of what’s possible for your life than you could ever imagine for yourself. While you are not obligated to follow it, it cuts the struggle down by 75% at least.

I was terrified of what I saw. But backed into a corner financially, I had nothing to lose. So I received a process for activating people’s wealth codes. The Wealth Code Activation process aligns your purpose and your business strategy with a plan you can implement with great success based on your strengths and talents. It’s quite genius.

I performed this process on myself and then I heard to post it on Facebook as a completely new offer. And the fear hit big time and it was awesome.

I felt all my shame, judgment, and doubt come up about being the woo-woo chick.

It brought up all the ways I had compared myself based on money with more successful colleagues.

It brought up all my insecurities and lack of belief in myself.

It brought up all my stuff about “the way being is done” that ran me ragged, drained my energy, and overwhelmed my to-do lists.

Finally, I had to work through it all.


LESSON 4: The Universe is an AWESOME business advisor. It doesn’t take a ton of time to turn things around.

So I put the offer out on Facebook. In less than 10 days, I had 30 new sessions booked. People were getting epic results from spending 60 minutes with me in their Records. Not only getting clarity and direction, but landing high end clients with ease and having their highest income months ever.

I won’t lie. I had my doubts. It can’t be this easy, can it? But after doing over 60 sessions to this date with similar results, it’s not a fluke.

LESSON 5: Stay true to your gifts and zone of genius.

People who coached with me in the past got amazing results, but I realized, out of all of this, I don’t like long-term coaching. And if 60 minutes with me in your soul records can change your life, so be it.

Transformation doesn’t have to take months. You can have it now.

I had some stuff come up about sustainability, hustling for sessions, and the “just package it already” mentality come back into my head. This time I wised up. Well, let me just ask and see what’s next.

Create a pipeline and retainer packages. Let people check-in with you when they need it stay on track. I remember thinking, who in the world is gonna pay me to be in their back pocket?

Well, people did

LESSON 6: Make owning your value your #1 priority to master.

The only reason I moved away from Akashic Records and the power of the woo is because I did not value it. Plus, I was surrounded by people who did not value it.

When I worked with women on healing body image through their soul records, I had a client receive the healing she needed to feel comfortable in her body and around men, was confident to date again, found her soul mate, married her soul mate, and now has a little girl.

Seriously, epic and magical stuff, right there. But you know what I did? And I could kick myself for this. I thought, “Oh that’s pretty cool I guess.” Those were massive achievements for her that I was able to help her make happen.

Wake up, Alexis! What you do is important and meaningful.

I know that now.


LESSON 7: Simplify EVERYTHING. Don’t overcomplicate your business.

I threw away everything I did not need to run my business.

I realized since I wear all the hats I need to stick with what I had the energy to do. So I took a long hard look at where my clients come from and nurture those places.

Inventory revealed: Facebook, Email, Newsletter, referrals, attending conferences, and my website. So I created some systems and focused on those.

LESSON 8: Collaborate when it’s not your zone of genius.

Ninety percent of the work that I do is 1:1. You ask me to launch a group…I will break out in hives just thinking about the launch components. I have taught groups around Akashic Records in the past, but I was being asked to teach how to connect with the soul of your business and implement the guidance to receive the results you want.

Well I launched it. By launch standards it was terrible, but the energy was there so I persevered. The new program was called Soul CEO Boot Camp. And I told the Universe I was not doing it again.

Then sitting at my desk one day, I heard, “Ask Angella Johnson to be your partner.” Angella Johnson is a very good friend and colleague, who is a master at marketing, branding, and messaging. And we just “get” each other.

To my surprise, she said yes immediately while on vacation in Italy. The Soul CEO brand was birthed. We have our first co-lead workshop on December 11th talking about how we follow soul in our business. You can learn more here.

I checked that off my to-do list.


LESSON 9: You have to make time to listen to your soul. Get off newsletters, social media, and schedule lots of down time.

I was so full of everyone else, I could not hear my soul.

I realized the magnitude of the pain I was inflicting on myself when the pain showed up in my money flow, err lack there of. Apparently, I had to create situations where no money was coming in to remember where money really comes from.

From the Universe through people to you.

Following your soul if you want to create money from fun, love, and joy is a non-negotiable requirement. I am pretty sure there are some people reading this right now thinking, “This is hokey and woo-woo, just work harder.”

Well from what I’ve learned this year business the “hard work” is not the push, but the letting go of everything that takes you away from Universal support and trusting actions you are guided to take.

LESSON 10: Ego shows you where you need to grow, but does not run the show.

Soul and ego are important parts of your life. The soul holds the higher vision. The ego shows up to shout and poo-poo everything to show you where you need to let go of attachments, honor your shadow sides, and evolve past your programming.

Honor yourself. And as you enter 2016 may your business be full of ease, fun, and joy.

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