Are You Ready To Really Do Your Thing In The World?


You’re already successful in your own right.

But lately things have not been going well and something needs to change ASAP because…

  • You’ve created revenue in the past, but what you’ve been doing is no longer producing great results
  • You know the work you’re doing isn’t truly aligned anymore, and it’s becoming harder and harder to do “business as usual”
  • You’re feeling disconnected, and while you’re satisfied with the money you’re making, you know there’s something much bigger that you’re meant to create
  • You’re not feeling fully expressed in your business or your life because there is a gap between who you are in your business and who you are at your core, and it’s becoming more and more challenging to ignore that divide
  • You’ve been a great hustler and built a great business, but you and your personal life need some serious TLC.

You’re a go-getter, so feeling like you might not be living up to your true potential makes you feel really uncomfortable. Achieving is in your DNA, and you know you are capable of so much more.

What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There


Up to this point you’ve done all the right things….

Investing in your business development

– Following all the blueprints, formulas, and 5-step programs

– Hiring a business coach or mentor to help you

– Mastering your sales and marketing processes

– Taking action time and time again to be successful

– Shifting your mindset and releasing limiting beliefs to become a success

You’ve spent a lot of late nights doing what someone else told you that you needed to do if you wanted to be successful and trusting that if you work the system correctly, you’ll get what you want.

Regardless of how well you’ve followed the “solid proof it works” systems, when you look around your life right now, you’re not feeling fully fulfilled. Something is missing. You’re still seeking. 

What you’re really desiring is total alignment with your soul in your business AND your personal life, which requires a new set of skills, starting with trusting your intuitive knowing.

It’s scary because no one can tell you how to get there and no one can promise you it’s going to work.

But that’s why you’ve got me.

I’m Alexis Logan, Your Secret Weapon To Success


I am a success guide and wisdom teacher. I help illuminate your soul’s truth, bringing it fully into your consciousness so you can have maximum clarity on what you need to shift to create the wild success you truly crave.

final4108-circle-headshotWhy is being clear so important? Because when you…

  • Know what really works for you, you can cut out the noise of what everyone else is selling, saving you time, energy, and money that you’d otherwise spend on “fool-proof” tactics that don’t actually work for you.
  • Own who you really are and stand firmly in your knowledge about what you came into this world to do, you can more easily let go of who you aren’t .
  • Start listening to your deepest self, you’ll realize you have a treasure trove of guidance that unlocks your most direct path to wealth, joy, and fulfillment.
  • Master your intuitive abilities, you become a powerhouse creator in every aspect of your life, not just your business.


In other words, when you go all in with your soul, you radically transform every area of your life.

The side effects of this work, may include, but are not limited to: immense self-confidence… copious amounts of self-trust… significant boost in revenue (made with more ease than ever imaginable)… new clients and customers who fall in love with you deeply and immediately… complete disregard for what other people think… mad intuitive skills that wildly strengthen your decision-making ability… laser-like focus on your deepest truth, and the ability to manifest the most miraculous outcomes for your business and life.

Sonaya Circle Headshot (1)I had a session with Alexis to release my money story and be open to the potential of earning more. As a result of working with Alexis, I had a client pay in full for their 5 figure project and I have a vision for my business that simple needs strategy to be implemented. I liked the way Alexis listened and clearly broke down the money issues so they were looked at in a positive light. I would recommend Alexis to entrepreneurs who are confused about their next steps to grow their business or are afraid to make moves because of their money issues. She provides clarity to move forward in your business. Sonaya,

Why This Work Is My Jam

You can do all the right things, work hard, and still not experience real success…the real success that includes happiness, soul nourishing fulfillment, and financial freedom.

Once I decided to let my soul + intuition lead, my business gained momentum and money started flowing in fast. I realized the best business advisor I could ever have worked with was staring me in the mirror the whole time.

I experience less stress, more joy, and more free time for my life.

You have the same intuitive power and strength within you. It’s time to follow it.

Where To Next?