Is It Time For A Different Approach To Business?


You’re intuitive, smart, and good at what you do, but you’ve hit a rut. 

Although you’ve accomplished a lot:

  • You don’t feel the joy or feeling of fulfillment you expected, instead you feel disconnected
  • You know there is more for you and you feel it, but you don’t know what IT is
  • You feel stagnant and you money flow is a little slower than you would like
  • No matter what you do, nothing seems to work and you’re stumped
  • You feel uncertain about your direction and need clarity on your next steps

When Situations Like This Happen, This Is A Call To Go Deeper And Align


The truth is, this is about alignment…being aligned with your calling and creating a business that aligns with your soul’s highest vision for you in this lifetime.

When you run your business and your life from a place of alignment you get:

  • Clarity and focus so you can move forward instead of re-living the same situations over and over again
  • Feelings of joy about the work you are doing and the money you are making as a result of playing at a higher level
  • Freedom (in time and money) to call the shots in your life without working so hard
  • Consistency in clients and money coming so you can stop feeling like you’re in constant hustle mode
  • Unshakeable confidence in yourself to achieve your dreams, not question your abilities due past failures


final4200-cropThat’s what I help amazing people, like you, do. My super power is dialing into your soul’s records so you can learn more about your soul’s purpose and how that relates to your business, your ideal business plan and wealth blueprint, and what you need to do to get moving again!

Hi I’m Alexis Logan. I’m an intuitive consultant for conscious leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to step into their true calling, make a lasting impact, and make real money doing what they love.

Are you ready to get aligned with your business?

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Sonaya Circle Headshot (1)I had a session with Alexis to release my money story and be open to the potential of earning more. As a result of working with Alexis, I had a client pay in full for their 5 figure project and I have a vision for my business that simple needs strategy to be implemented. I liked the way Alexis listened and clearly broke down the money issues so they were looked at in a positive light. I would recommend Alexis to entrepreneurs who are confused about their next steps to grow their business or are afraid to make moves because of their money issues. She provides clarity to move forward in your business. Sonaya,