What’s Your Next Level? 


You’re a high-achieving woman. You know what you want.  You have no trouble taking action and getting things done. Your results speak for you through the money you’ve made, the lives you’ve impacted, and the lifestyle you’ve created.

You are ready to:

  • Have multi-6 figure, 7 figure, or multi 7 figure success
  • Land your book deal
  • Host your best event yet
  • Increase your prices
  • Expand your company’s reach
  • Be seen on national TV or radio appearances
  • Become the go-to person in your industry
  • Hire your speaking agent
  • Launch your next big thing
  • Have a greater impact in the world

But you’ve got a problem. Right now, you’re stuck and you’re never stuck.

For some reason, things aren’t working out the way you thought they would:

  • Your latest launch or event failed to bring in the revenue or reach you wanted
  • Money is not coming in like it used to
  • The blueprint or formula you’ve been using is no longer working
  • Something feels off or out of sync and you can’t shake the feeling
  • What you planned with your mentor and/or your mastermind buddies isn’t working for you
  • You want ease, flow, and space, but still accomplish more and what you’re doing isn’t bringing you closer to that reality
  • You’re working harder than ever, but you’re not seeing a return for the time, energy, and money you are putting in
  • No matter what you try you don’t feel like you are making progress past your current predicament

Let’s be honest….You’re not used to things going in this direction. While you’ve been able to push through it before, what’s worked for you in the past is not working. You’re questioning yourself in ways you haven’t in a long time.


Here’s the deal…right now things are not working out, not because you’re aren’t good or might be losing your touch, but because you’re off your path to success. Everyone has their own path to success and, when you’re off path, achieving your goals becomes more challenging.

I act as a soul sidekick, using my intuition, strategy and the power of Akashic Records, I’ll help you understand and navigate your path to your next level of success…without killing yourself in the process. Because what got you to your current level of success won’t get you to the next.

I will help you get back into your flow so you get to that next level and get those things you’ve always wanted…without killing yourself in the process.


Here’s how I can help you get to where you want to go:

You know you’re headed in the wrong direction. What you’ve tried isn’t working and you need to turn things around quickly.

The Course Correction is for you. 

You’ve got parts and pieces of your vision, but things don’t feel solid. You know you need clarity before you can move forward.

Unlock Your Next Level is for you. 

You need someone in your back pocket to help you hear your inner voice, stay true to your course, and navigate your path to success. 

Soul Sidekick is for you.