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You are brilliant, ambitious, and mission driven. BUT…

There’s just one catch. You are not at home in your own skin. You don’t believe your message will be heard in the body you’ve got now. And truth be told, you are waiting until you are the “right” size action in your business.

Let’s get real.  For starters, most women think the hang-ups they have about their bodies will be resolved by losing weight. However, they don’t realize it’s not really about the food or exercise.

For ambitious women entrepreneurs, your body is a reflection of your willingness to be seen for who you really are and what you are here to do.  Which means that your inner work is the most important factor when shaping your body and your business success.

Welcome to the world of whole body confidence!

Hello! I’m Alexis E. Logan and I help women on a mission eliminate the hang-ups they have about their body so that they attract the clients, money, and lifestyle they desire.

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