Is it time for a different approach that creates ease and joy in your life and business?

Hi I’m Alexis Logan. I’m an intuitive consultant for conscious leaders and entrepreneurs who want to make a lasting impact, live their calling to the fullest extent, and make money doing it.

You’re smart, you have a track record of success and achievement, and you’re here because you’re in a serious pickle. You know something is off and it’s showing up in your business big time.

The actions you took before to create success are no longer working or not working like they are supposed to work, the cash flow is slow, you’re more confused than clear, and deep down inside you know this isn’t just a rut. You might be feeling:

  • Stagnant and stuck on the edge of your next level of success
  • Confused or unclear on your next steps and the cash flow is dwindling
  • Sick of riding the feast or famine income roller coaster
  • Worried about where the money’s going to come from
  • Blocked around how to reconnect with your purpose in business
  • Frustrated because you’re making money but you have no idea where it’s going
  • Tired of working really hard for results that just cover your needs, but don’t feed your wants
  • Drained from trying to keep things from falling apart
  • Overwhelmed because you are taking massive action, using various formulas, but nothing is changing

And you’ve tried to get past this the only way you know now how…by telling yourself you’re better than this, you just have to work harder, and things will change.

But things are not shifting.

The truth is when you experience a situation like this, this isn’t about you not wanting it bad enough. It’s about alignment…being aligned with your calling and using business strategies that are fully supportive of your calling.

So you feel energized and excited about your purpose, the difference you make in others’ lives, and living the life you want to live. When you run your business and your life from a place of alignment you get:

  • Clarity and focus so you can move forward instead of re-living the same situations over and over again
  • Feelings of joy about the work you are doing and the money you are making as a result of playing at a high level
  • Freedom (in time and money) to call the shots in your life without working so hard
  • Choices in how to spend your money based on what you want, not what’s affordable
  • Consistency in clients and money coming so you can stop feeling like you’re constant hustle mode
  • Unshakeable confidence in yourself to achieve your dreams, not question your abilities due past failures.

And that’s what I help women, like you, do. My super power is dialing into your soul’s essence so you can learn your ideal business plan and wealth blueprint and why you’re off track in your cash flow. Then I help you clear any mindset or energetic obstacles to your success.

So let’s get started! Book a complimentary Clarity Call to talk with me.

Sonaya Circle Headshot (1)I had a session with Alexis to release my money story and be open to the potential of earning more. As a result of working with Alexis, I had a client pay in full for their 5 figure project and I have a vision for my business that simple needs strategy to be implemented. I liked the way Alexis listened and clearly broke down the money issues so they were looked at in a positive light. I would recommend Alexis to entrepreneurs who are confused about their next steps to grow their business or are afraid to make moves because of their money issues. She provides clarity to move forward in your business. Sonaya,


Learn how to use your Akashic Records to access your unique path to success!


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