Want More Impact &

More Profit? 

It’s time to eliminate

your fraud factor.

The biggest misconception about running a successful business is that you only need a business strategy to make it happen.

What most successful entrepreneurs and business owners don’t tell you is you must have a strong belief in your purpose, confidence in yourself to be highly visible, and a mindset that is built for success no matter the circumstances.

When  you’re confident in who you are and what you’re here to do,

you create your own economy. 

The OWN IT Live  1 day event is about helping you eliminate negative thoughts and unproductive patterns, keeping you from doing what you love most in your business: SERVING OTHERS and EXPANDING YOUR IMPACT.

This HIGH-POWERED event will give you the insights and tools you need to run your business with confidence and accelerate your results.  This event is based on 3 CORE components of building rock solid self-confidence so you can stop feeling a fraud, reach more people, and make more money

Get Embodied

Imagine feeling so good about yourself that you can’t wait to get out the door to your next networking event, speaking gig, or potential client meeting to talk to people about what you do and how you can you help them achieve their goals. 

  • Learn how to get comfortable with your body and how you are so you stop feeling like a fraud
  • Discover the simple steps to make peace with imperfections so they become your greatest strengths instead of imperfections.
  • Learn how to create trust with potential prospects by embodying your authority so they know you can deliver on your brand promises


Get Aligned

Imagine being so clear about your purpose that you are laser-focused on tasks that expand your reach and increase your revenue without feeling fear or doubt about your path.

  • Learn how to trust yourself and your ability to make your business happen
  • Discover the simple steps to take action on your dreams without doubting yourself or your vision
  • Learn how to reconnect with your vision when times are tough and keeping moving forward instead of getting stuck

Get Empowered

Imagine having a success mindset that repels your fraud factor, sets you up for unstoppable impact + revenue, and keeps you moving forward toward your goals even when the unexpected shows up. 

  • Learn how to harness the power of perspective to fuel how you run your life and business
  • Discover the simple steps to unleash your natural motivation to get things done so you never have to force yourself to do anything again
  • Learn how to handle unexpected curveballs so you keeping moving forward instead of getting derailed


Your Fraud Factor Framework

Feeling like a fraud is not something you are born with… you learn it. You’ll deep dive into your fraud story to learn the origins so you can start re-programing your mindset around your strengths, not your weaknesses. 

Propelled By Purpose Checklist

I’ll teach you how to know when you are on purpose with my system for knowing when you are operating from a place of fear or confidence in your calling. 


Rock-Solid Confidence Roadmap

You’ll do an assessment ahead of time that shows where you fall on the 3 core components of confidence and your ability to manifest what you want for your business. Then together we’ll tackle how you can improve in each area. 

Serve And Profit Mindset

I teach you how to set your mindset for success so that you are confident in providing your service and receiving compensation for it. 


The Body Love Bible

I’ll teach you the exact process I take my clients through to boost their body confidence and self-image so they can be more visible without worrying about how they look. 

Eliminate Your Fraud Factor Live is happening Saturday, October 6th from 9:30am-4:00pm in Alexandria, VA at the Hilton Alexandria. When you register, you will receive the meeting room details when you register. 

*Refreshments will be provided, but you responsible for your lunch. There are many restaurants in the immediate area. 

Got Questions? Email me at alexis@embodiedauthority.com or click here to schedule a 15-Minute “Is this event for me?” quick chat. I will be happy to answer all of your questions. 

Alexis Logan helps leaders and change-makers eliminate their fraud factor so they can expand their impact and make more money. The founder of Embodied Authority, she’s helped some of the most successful thought leaders and coaches permanently increase their body confidence and self-image to become the hottest leaders in their industries. Trained as a forensic social worker, Alexis gets to the root of things quickly so her clients handle the real issue standing in the way of their success.

She’ll share her simple strategies with you so you can uplevel your mindset, embody your truth strength, and become the leader you were born to be.